History Koningshof

History of Koningshof

Origin of the family business

Over 55 years ago, grandfather and grandmother Kromhout started with the first preparations of Koningshof.

Grandfather Jan Kromhout grew up in the middle of the center of Rijnsburg in a farming family.

Grandmother Katalin Kromhout-Dobos came to the Netherlands at the age of 9 as an orphan from Hungary by train on October 3, 1923. After the war, trains full of war children were taken to Western-Europe to recuperate and give them a new home. That is how she ended up with the loving butcher family Bram and Marie de Mooij in Rijnsburg. This is where they met and got married.

It was Jan's wish to emigrate to Australia or Canada, but around 1950 they settled at a farm in the Elsgeesterpolder in Rijnsburg. Jan became a farmer in cattle breeding and arable farming. After years of farming life, disaster suddenly struck. Grandfather Jan got a kick from a horse. In search of other income, he opened his meadows to caravans and tents. That was the moment around 1962 that 'camping Koningshof' was born. The whole family cooperated in receiving holiday guests.

Second generation

In 1972, the youngest son of the Kromhout family Philip (Flip) started working at the campsite after a year as an exchange student in America and graduating from the Hotel School. In 1976 Flip officially took over from grandfather Jan and has developed 'camping Koningshof' into an international 4.5 star holiday park. Flip had a clear vision. Dedicated himself to the sector association Recron, started “hospitable bicycle campsites” and introduced Koningshof to, among others, the English caravan clubs. Koningshof soon became too small and Flip could also be found at the D'Olde Landscape in Drenthe, Camping Arnhem, Delftse Hout, Camping De Zuidduinen and De Noorduinen in Katwijk aan Zee.

Third generation

The camping DNA is also embedded in the 3rd generation. Now daughter Penny and son Pim are in charge. Both grew up within the company. After completing Penny's studies at the Hogeschool for Tourism and Pim's studies at the Hotelschool, they have enjoyed working at the holiday park for years. In 2018 we realized a new central building with the whole family. A nice upgrade and an innovative start to further develop this across the entire holiday park. We can proudly say that we are a beautiful family business with which we distinguish ourselves through our personal hospitality and the many facilities that the holiday park offers!