Camping pitch with private sanitary facilities

Super pitch deluxe

At Vakantiepark Koningshof you can enjoy the outdoor life with optimal comfort near the dunes and the beach. Enjoy your own super pitch with its own private sanitary facilities. Our super pitches deluxe are spacious camping pitches of 100 m2 with private sanitary facilities surrounded by green trees and bushes. The use of water (own water tap), grey water drainage on the spot, 10 amp electricity hook up, connection to digital cable television and WiFi (1 GB per night) are included in the price. To receive a television signal, your television needs a DVB-C tuner/decoder. The super pitches deluxe are located on a pet-free field.

Inside the private sanitary facilities
The private sanitary facilities are - two under a roof - insulated bath houses compactly equipped with shower, toilet, hair dryer and sink. The shower is equipped with a shower bar to adjust the height. There also is a shaving socket and handy hooks for hanging towels. On the outside is a dish washing area that is shared with the neighbours. In addition to the power connection for your camping equipment, there is an outside socket which is for example very useful for charging electric bicycles. The private sanitary facilities are heated by means of a fan heating. Ideal for the cold evenings during Spring and Autumn. The sanitairy facilities can be locked with a key.

Enjoy comfort, privacy and hygiene. Ideal plus points for a wonderful stay!

Important to know:

  • The minimum stay for a super pitch deluxe is three nights.
  • The super pitches deluxe are located on a pet-free field. Therefore dogs are not allowed.
  • The pitches are located on a car-free  field. The car can be parked on the central parking lot near the pitches.
  • The private sanitary facilities are cleaned beforehand. During your stay you will clean it yourself. Afterwards we ask you to leave it clean without damage.
  • We ask for a € 25 deposit for this pitch. This amount will be refunded to your bank account after departure.

New in 2023:
The use of electricity will no longer be included in the overnight price anymore. Guests will pay for the electricity that they have used on their pitch during the stay. In this way we think it is more fair for everybody, so that high electricity consumers will pay more and small consumers less. We have thought this out carefully about how we will invoice this to the guests.
The guest will make a prepayment for the electricity. We made an average calculation in electricity usage for 2022 on how much a pitch consumes per stayed night. This average usage is 7 kWh per pitch per night. After that we calculated the price per kWh for 2023 (€ 0,70 per kWh). With this and including a small margin there is a prepayment of 7 euros per night for electricity.
When a guest uses less, the amount will be automatically transferred back to their bank account after their stay. When somebody uses more, we send an invoice afterwards for the extra usage.

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