Super pitch

Super pitch

That little bit extra!

Our super pitches prove that camping can also be very comfortable. The size of the super pitch is  between 90 - 100 m². Your caravan or motorhome stands on solid ground. Once you have set everything up on the hardened section, a grassy area remains, so that you can enjoy your holiday in a natural environment. These pitches are equipped with their own 10 Amp./230V electricity hook-up, as well as water, cable TV and sewage connections. On each pitch you can put 1 caravan, folding trailer, motorhome or tent and no more than 1 small pup tent. To receive a television signal, your television needs a DVB-C tuner/decoder.  

Part of the super pitches allow dogs, after consultation with our reception (pitches 1-95). A maximum of one dog is permitted per pitch and must wear a leash at all times.

You will experience that camping with extra comfort is possible at Vakantiepark Koningshof!

New in 2023:
The use of electricity will no longer be included in the overnight price anymore. Guests will pay for the electricity that they have used on their pitch during the stay. In this way we think it is more fair for everybody, so that high electricity consumers will pay more and small consumers less. We have thought this out carefully about how we will invoice this to the guests.
The guest will make a prepayment for the electricity. We made an average calculation in electricity usage for 2022 on how much a pitch consumes per stayed night. This average usage is 7 kWh per pitch per night. After that we calculated the price per kWh for 2023 (€ 0,70 per kWh). With this and including a small margin there is a prepayment of 7 euros per night for electricity.
When a guest uses less, the amount will be automatically transferred back to their bank account after their stay. When somebody uses more, we send an invoice afterwards for the extra usage.

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