Giant Bulb Monet

Giant Bulb Monet

Art during your holiday

The Giant Bulb 'Monet' was unveiled on April 28 by Mayor Visser of the municipality of Katwijk. As owners of Vakantiepark Koningshof, Penny and Pim Kromhout believe that a holiday is more than just relaxing and recharging. “Holidays are made up of beautiful experiences and new impressions. Linking art and culture to recreation is a fantastic contribution to a holiday with beautiful discoveries. We feel very connected to the Bollenstreek and are proud that we have adopted the first bulb in the municipality of Katwijk.”

Art project Giant Bulbs
The man-sized works of art in the shape of a tulip bulb are painted by dozens of artists from the Bollenstreek. The 80 Giant Bulbs between Leiden and Haarlem all tell their own story, related to the Bulb Region. When all works of art have been placed, two cycling routes will be set out, which together ensure that you can admire all the spheres. With this beautiful art project, the Gildemeesters Bollenstreek Foundation is putting the region even more on the map. The region is attractive to visit all year round!

Monet in Rijnsburg
In the middle of the 19th century, something happened in France that had never been seen before. The French painters, who had until then worked in their attic rooms, fled the city with their easels on their shoulders. A long period of traveling and trekking began and they also ended up in the Netherlands. The well-known French painter Claude Monet painted in 1886 in Oegstgeest and Rijnsburg. On a beautiful spring day he sat on the Almondeweg, near the current Rijksweg A44, and painted the windmills 'Hope gives life' (moved to Voorhout in 1999, near our holiday park) and 'de Vlinder' (demolished around 1935). You can see an impression of the painting 'Hope gives life' on the front of the sphere. On the back you see an impression of the painting 'Le bassin aux nympheas' by Monet from 1899. This Giant Sphere was painted by Jan Hogervorst from Lisse.

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